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Milana Yoga is a safe and inclusive space that elevates harmony, healthy body, emotional awareness and simply, a better daily living.

Milana Yoga is a lifestyle that will inspire you to practice taking time for yourself in the most nurturing way through the care of the body, mind and soul. Expansion, inner peace, joy, self-nurture, heartfulness and authenticity - these are the inner states being practiced in the space created for your well-being.

Milana Yoga has been created as an offering of Milana's decade-long personal practice and studies under a variety of lineages and teachers of yoga and the world renowned contemplatives.

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What does Vinyasa Flow mean?

The term Vinyasa comes from the Sanskrit word nyasa, meaning "to place," and the prefix vi, meaning "in a special way." Meanwhile, the meaning of the English word flow describes a continious movement in practice through poses that are connected to each other. The practice itself has a specific theme or aim, taking into account the time of year, the rhythm of the day, the cultivation of the desired state, the training of a physical aspect such as "hip openings", etc.

Prana Flow Vinyasa Yoga

Prana flow yoga is a liberating, evolutionary, rhythmic type of flow yoga that synchronizes the movement with breathing in a special connection. In terms of asanas/poses, it is similar to Vinyasa Flow yoga, which has already become casual, yet in Prana flow yoga, energetic effects are expressed through the body, as the practices focus on specific breathing in asanas and body pulsation, unique only to Prana.

Power Flow Yoga

The meaning of the English word power is "force", so the name itself indicates that in practice you should expect movements and poses that develop body strength and endurance. Initially, this type of yoga was cultivated by athletes who sought to maintain good physical shape and strong health, but in the long run it was adapted and extremely popular among young and middle-aged people of the general public, who are looking for an energetic and far from boring practice.

Vinyasa Ritual Yoga

Thursday night is slow, relaxed, musical and a REAL date with Yourself. For those in search of nurturing, safe and enjoyable space. Practice guided by Mindaugas will gently move the body, warm it up and allow tired muscles and joints to relax. This practice combines yogic breathing, yoga sequence that relieves physical fatigue, and Shavasana, which provides complete relaxation. The importantance of smelling scents, allowing the music to lead you and have the desire to .... let go. Mindaugas: "The lightness and wonderful sleep that comes after practice".

"It feels like an hour of shavasana" we say and hear the pleasant "aaaach..." from practitioners. Relaxation yoga is a restorative ritual during which all healing asanas and nidra meditation (also called "yogic sleep") are performed. We recommend you experience this ritual yourself, because it is impossible to convey all the pleasure in words.

What does barre mean?

The meaning of the French word barre is "stick" and in this context it means a support of a horizontal position, adjusted at a special height, which makes it easier to maintain balance during exercises. Half of the practice time is dedicated to strengthen and train the lower body at these supports. The other half of the workout is done on mats, often with additional equipment such as weights, soft balls, elastic bands, etc. At this stage, more attention is paid to strengthening the upper part of the body, especially the core muscles.

Lunch break at work can be a unique experience. Instead of a heavy lunch and drowsiness, let’s practice restorative and focusing Noon yoga and enjoy healthy, filling smoothy instead. One hour of full focus on your wellness, restoring strength, attentiveness and bright mind. After this yoga practice, a second new day dawns, in which you will once again go through your day harmoniously after balancing yourself.

200 h Yoga Teacher Training

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Yoga Alliance

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Yoga Teacher Training, 2023 Autumn cohort (September 2nd).

200 val.

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Jogos mokytojų kursai, 2023 metų
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Milana Jašinskytė - I am a founder of Milana Yoga studio and spiritual intelligence coach. I design holistic educational programs and train teachers to serve within and outside the studio space. In 2015, I became a yoga teacher in California, Santa Cruz. Since then I travel the world for yoga, learn, practice, integrate, design and most importantly educate everyone willing to study themselves in a yoga setting.

Teachers: Mark Stephens, MA Shiva Rea, Elena Brower, Dr. B. Alan Wallace, Dr. Eve Ekman, Ala Tamulienė, Suzanne Scurlock.

Expect beautiful integrations of emotional intelligence, neuroscience, psychology, and spiritual intelligence in the class.

Yoga Alliance certified teacher, offering classes at Milana Yoga for six years.

"It is important to me that the person participating in the session, regardless of his/her preparation, experiences the pleasure of yoga. Yoga has the magical power to let go of all anxiety and enjoy ease."

Each lesson is a surprise of discovery, experienced through breath, music and movement.

Milana Yoga studio, Yoga Teacher Training 200 h. 2020, Lietuva (Yoga Alliance, JAV) BODYBARRE® , barre method Teacher Training 2021, JAV CamiYoga school, aerial yoga teacher training 50 h. 2021, Lithuania (Yoga Alliance, JAV) Barre and yoga classes - inspired by nature, simple and cozy.

Experienced Dance teacher, participant and winner of many television projects.

Since 2021 Milana Yoga certified teacher. "Until now, my whole world was dance, but thanks to Milana Jašinskytė, I discovered a different way to move my body, which brings me peace through breathing, meditation and turning inward. This was yoga.

I felt that I wanted to share it with others." Gentle and calm practices on Sunday evenings with Ieva will be a bliss. It is exactly what you need after a long and busy week. For everyone who wants to stop for a while and forget the rush.

Milana Yoga is a certified teacher.

The yoga classes she guides are cozy and awakening.

"Right now I feel that I am where I need to be. My lessons are gentle but dynamic, I pay great attention to the harmony of breathing and movement.

Yoga for me is like a date with myself, to which I invite you too."

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