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Milana Jašinskytė


Yoga teacher, dance teacher, mother, traveller, adventurer, and ex professional athlete. Today she is happily smiling, as she believes that in all this diverse mosaic of self-realisation she discovered her ‘Golden Vein’.  

Milana Jasinskyte is a founder of Milana Yoga. After graduation in business studies in Vilnius and Germany, Milana was planning career at one of the largest international companies in the world, but, now she says "I felt like being in smeone else's shoes". After her parents brought her as a little girl to a dance school, she became a professional dancer. Together with the sports dance team "Zuvedra" she won the title of European Champion. Milana says that it was dance that allowed her to develop a sense of aesthetics and discipline. Today, as a founder of Milana Dance school , for the last 13 years she has been teaching anyone who is keen to learn how to dance. Back in 2012 Milana decided to participate in TV project "Dance with Me' and, together with her celebrity partner Mindaugas Rainys, won it. To her it was the begining of a new life. "Even though I had introduced myself to yoga when I was 23, I only became seriously interested in it after TV project. I have always felt that creating a physical form through movement takes much more". 

Currently Milana's main activities take place at Milana Dance and Yoga studio. This woman was the first in Lithuania to host a live yoga broadcast connecting the United States and Lithuania through movement. She gives lectures at women's conferences, companies, schools and organises retreats. Milana Yoga Studio has a list of activities from Vinyasa Flow up to Prana Flow yoga (the latter one Milana is cultivating as a personal practice), accompanied by Soma/Moon ritual for practicing relaxation and Yoga Trance dance. 

"I am grateful to life for the opportunity to study with extraordinary teachers. Mark Stephens helped me lay the foundation for yoga practice and Elena Brower tought me how to integrate psychological analysis into physical practice. PHD. A. Wallace helped me in taking a huge step towards meditation, Shiva Rea revealed via her own embodyment of the practice the subtlety of meditation merged with movement. Today, in my personal practice, are included Prana flow yoga and Shamata meditation. I share what I have gone through and what I can recommend without hesitation. I am thankful to myself because of my bravery to change, seek, and travel around the world with a rucksack on my back even though I was afraid. I am thankful for my mum and dad because they were so passionate to each other and life. I am thankful to Skaistute Idzeleviciene, coach of ‘Zuvedra’, who was my second mother and the greatest teacher of life discipline and aesthetics. I am thankful for my daughter Daniele Teresa whose smell melts my heart. I am thankful for Daniele’s daddy who showed me the world. I am thankful for Mindaugas Rainys because holding his hand I became a woman, who he always believed in and trusted, whose presented flowers have been flourishing at my home for years now. I am thankful for the books, which have been teaching and will be teaching me (thank you daddy for showing me love of books)".

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