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*** 6 unconditional YES every day ***

NAMASTE to all of us,


I will write an article about this strong and meaningful word in the near future but today I say namaste to all of us without any further explanation. Today I will be sharing with you my personal ingredients to a more “Colourful Life”. I hope you will find it useful. Read, enjoy, learn and have fun!


*** 6 unconditional YES every day  ***



After each day I ask myself if I was the Real me? The real me that only I know. Energetic, passionate, creative human being. 

You might be reading and thinking: “well I am definitely not a creative type of person”, right? Or passionate? Oh, yes, you are. But I will come back to this subject in my other blog entries (seems like I promise this much). 

Meanwhile, here are my 6 unconditional, non negotiable, indispensable rules that boost my energy and creativity.


*** 1. 8 hours of sleep every day  ***

I need them, deadly! I am not ashamed of that anymore. I need at least 8 hours so that I would not need to purr 10 hours during the weekends expecting to compensate a lack of sleep. When I rest properly, I smile to people and cats, I create, I sing while driving my car (not from a panic attack when a heart beats so loud that I have to make my music in the car play louder to be able to ignore it), I am productive and I even find the time to call my mother


*** 2. Quality food and tons of vegetables  ***

Organic and only organic. You get what you pay for. Don’t expect to buy on reduced price any quality food - you will get “best before yesterday” and definitely not organic food. I do not give myself a reward for having eaten low quality carrot or beetroot. This does not count as a veggie intake into my diet.  

70% of my food are vegetables (maybe a little less, I love fruits as well) and that creates a fantastic alkane diet. Whereas acidic diet causes lots of diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, cancer. 

What would you do with all these vegetables? Start with healthy smoothies, fresh juices - tasty, simple and healthy.


*** 3. Yoga  ***

In case you tried it and you did not like it or you found it boring, try again, and then again. Change schools, teachers. Yoga is divine, yoga is going to balance your life. Trust me.  


*** 4. Meditation  ***

I should have started my article with meditation because it is The Upmost Unconditional YES every day to all of us. We deserve to give ourselves at least few minutes during the day. Comfortable seating position with eyes closed in the silence or listening to a soothing music, or the sounds of the busy city. To listen to your inner self is a massive step towards a happy YOU.


*** 5. Community  ***

Being a part of the community is essential to me. There are exceptions but I believe we are meant to walk through this life not alone. Whom should I share with what I have created in the end? Whom you should share all the beautiful things you have created if you walk alone? We grow, we get to know ourselves when we are part of the community, when we share. If only we would pay attention how the external environment changes when we change... - community is a huge creative stimulant. 

*** 6. Passion  ***

I love yoga, dance and travel. To be honest, I once thought perhaps I love all of them too much. But does that mean I divide my love to three parts and there is no more left to anything else? No. Love cannot be measured. Love, in this content, is passion to me and it has no size, no other unit of measurement. Hence, to dream about travels, plan itineraries, to shop at for yogic books, to look forward to each of my yoga lessons, to rehearse new dance, to create a new choreography and a couple image, to care about new dance trends in the world - that is what moves me forward with a big smile on my face. 

Now you think of of something you really like doing. Dedicate some time to that - it is your life, it does not belong to anyone else. 

Imagine that. I sat and wrote all this in bullet points. And these are mine, not necessarily yours. I invite you to write your own Unconditional Yes - something that makes you happy, creative, energetic. We have all our lives in front of us, no rush, you will make it all on time - to work, to cook, to make love. And now, ladies and gentlemen, two minutes only To YOU.  





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