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Milana Jašinskytė


My name is Milana and I am a yoga teacher, dance teacher, mother, traveller, adventurer, and ex professional athlete. Today I am happily smiling, as I believe that in all this diverse mosaic of self-realisation I discovered my ‘Golden Vein’.  

Introduction with yoga a decade ago lead me to yoga classes, which I am teaching myself and since I have realised that each class reflects all eighty countries visited by myself. In each class you can find what I have seen, heard, smelt, or tasted on our colourful earth:
America – where I gained knowledge and became a yoga teacher;
Germany – where I studied business enterprise and realised that everyone is unique;
Asia became my second home where I learned to listen to myself.

After finding synergy between yoga and travelling, I have been sharing a brighter, happier, more sincere and truthful attitude towards life and inner self. I worked as a waitress, an assistant, analytic, marketing research project manager, advertising sales assistant, TV presenter, choreographer, participated in TV project ‘Dance With Me’, got married, got divorced, have brought my child up on my own, established Milana Dance school and MILANA YOGA. The two latter activities are this ‘Gold’, which I found after a long lasting rummage, and it has been leading me through life with a smile.

I am thankful for myself because of my bravery to change, seek, and travel around the world with a rucksack on my back even though I was afraid. I am thankful for my mum and dad because they were so passionate to each other and life. I am thankful to Skaistute Idzeleviciene, coach of ‘Zuvedra’, who was my second mother and the greatest teacher of life discipline and aesthetics. I am thankful for my daughter Daniele Teresa whose smell melts my heart. I am thankful for Daniele’s daddy who showed me the world. I am thankful for Mindaugas Rainys because holding his hand I became a woman, who he always believed in and trusted, whose presented flowers have been flourishing at my home for years now. I am thankful for the books, which have been teaching and will be teaching me (thank you daddy for showing me love of books).

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