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 "My yoga mat is my home and 

 a place of self love" 

 "Water this beautiful sensual 

 seed inside you" 

 "Dance with your own drumbeat 

 to be able to dance with others sincerely" 

 "Come to yoga mat to feel, 

  not to accomplish" 


Imagine yourself being creative,
active and full of energy every day. Imagine yourself
feeling amazing in your own body every day and letting
your heart enjoy every moment of life.

Milana Yoga is a lifestyle, expanding barriers of allexisting healthy
lifestyles, positive thinking and searching for real happiness.

Milana Yoga is not only VINYASA FLOW yoga practice. It is a bright, open-minded and healthy lifestyle. The colourful music, dancing asanas, conscious breathing, true-life balance, and internal peace interweaves in the class room. We let ourselves experience, explore, feel, hear, and understand our own bodies and minds. We are focused, serious, and sometimes laugh our headsoff. During our classes we release cumulated tension and whatever interferes with life, strengthen our bodies and award ourselves with a peaceful moment.

In my classes there will be a mixture of modernness and Eastern philosophy. Be aware that I am inviting you not to change your religious views but:

- to ‘go for yoga’ with music
- to get sweaty a bit or perhaps a lot
- to laugh
- to breath correctly
- to return back to life with different colours of mood


‘Welcome and NAMASTE’, -
I embrace you with a smile.

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